About us

Ecopharm Hellas S.A. is company founded in 1996. The expertise of Ecopharm Hellas S.A. is focused on cultivation and harvesting of good quality oregano plant for use as food seasoning and for the extraction of pharmaceutical grade or high grade oregano essential oil.

To maintain the quality of products based on oregano plants, Ecopharm Hellas S.A. performs the culturing of oregano plants according to the instructions of its in-house agriculture experts. With the collaboration of local oregano farmers, oregano plantations are established all over Greece.


Mother Nature

Ecopharm Hellas S.A. conducts the extraction of essential oil from harvested oregano material at its distillation facility in Kilkis, Greece. With modern equipment, some are in-house developed, coupled with two decades of experience, high quality oregano essential is extracted.

For several years, Ecopharm Hellas S.A. has been using its own 100% natural oregano essential oil as the key active ingredient in its line of veterinary products – Ecodiar Powder and Ecodiar Liquid. As Ecopharm Hellas S.A. controls all the stages that are involved to produce Ecodiar products (ie cultivation, extraction of oregano essential oil, blending and packaging), the high quality of the Ecodiar product is maintained and priced economically. Ecodiar products are produced under ISO 22000:2005 and FAMI-QS (GMP) certifications.